The ShepherdEdit


Concept Art

  • Shepherd1
    The shepherd is a sub-saharan man with an angry expression and his face is covered with a scarf that is wrapped around his face and neck revealing only one eye. He wears an Arab like kundura with a a tactical sleeveless jacket and "Peshawari Sandals". The shepherd has a unique way of attacking, multiple suicide sheeps that are hiding under the shepherds cloak run out of it and explode on the enemies base causing major damage. The shepherd guides the sheep with its staff.
  • The sheperd unlocks at Level 0*

Sama Edit

  • Sama is a master of diguises. He creates his clone that attack on enemy defense structures. The clones endure and resist enemy attacks while the real Sama causing damage to the enemy defense units with his broad sword.
  • Sama unlocks at level 0*

Kali Edit

  • Kali is a dark skinned witch that does a ritual and damages the enemy attack units. She has two mutated dogs that protect her during her attack ritual.
  • Kali unlocks at level 0*

Time Zero Edit

  • A strong muscular guy who has excelled the art of time control, freezing & time travel. Time Zero has a whiplash that he uses as his tool to freeze the enemy attack units for a certain period of time. He has a gear on his head juxtaposed with a headdress and has a mechanical eye that helps him calibrate distance time and speed.
  • Time Zero unlocks at level 0*

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