Zaliban is a strategy game that will take users to the next level of strategic and conquering experiences by introducing an environment that incorporates the very recent Afghan-US clash.

Players start off with a modest "kingdom" and barely sustainable resources in the harsh terrain of Afghanistan. Steering their domains using tactical brilliance, guts and bloody effort, players must expand by attacking and dominating surrounding troublesome villages to form an orderly base that shall encompass those that have been conquered. Like any true war-lord, the development of your kingdom is not restricted to pillaging and plundering, as villages will then have to be ruled with an iron fist or handled with diplomatic/political arm-twisting.

But things really take-off after you have formed a formidable base as the game enters the foray of global and international warfare, and political supremacy as players then compete online with other user kingdoms for resources, prestige and cold-blooded fun to establish their respective domains as phenomenal. This is not for the faint of heart as the stakes are sky high with successful attacks on user kingdoms may lead to crumbling of entire empires while the victors shall ride on waves of material success and glory!

Players can opt to start their campaigns by choosing to be the ferocious, glory-hungry and hardened warrior tribe of the Zalibaan or the modern and charming ideal Western military organization that seeks to bring order and dictate peace upon those who dare challenge its global plans for mankind. The Zalibaan kingdom will provide an interesting mix of tribal-religious zealotry with cunning Afghan tactics and militia warfare tactics like suicide bombers and witch-doctor prophecy research that users will find equal to the task of tackling Western military might that will excite those who are lovers of high-tech weaponry, espionage gadgets and specialist-trained combatant teams armed to the teeth. The game entails details of technologies, arsenal and personnel that are specific to whether you choose the Zalibaan or the UNA. The bottom line is; it doesn't really matter what you start out with, for the world will remember you for the choices you make and the success you wield as you clash in the super-competitive post-war modern era that "Zalibaan" is set in.

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